As members in Israel’s largest high-tech family, Direct Software’s clients can participated in unique conferences and delegations throughout the world.

High Tech Mizpe Hayamim

The great high-tech convention

About High Tech Mizpe Hayamim

High Tech Mizpe Hayamim Convention combines magical vistas, a culinary experience, and a riveting professional meeting with Israel’s high-tech leaders. The conference will unveil the latest programs and software versions, major technology trends, and offer hands-on workshops. It is an enrichment and experiential time-out exclusively for senior high-tech executives.

For almost a decade, Mizpe Hayamim has been a meeting point for hundreds of high-tech executives from around the world over three days of fascinated and enriching lectures and networking: CEOs and CIOs and executives of leading high-tech companies, world-class speakers on technology, and more.

Over the years, High Tech Mizpe Hayamim has become a byword for expertise, innovation, and interest. Alongside the professional aspect, participants enjoy the highest standards of hospitality at the prestigious Mizpe Hayamim Spa with 50 acres of gardens and orchards overlooking the Kinneret and with a view of the Golan Heights. Between the activities and lectures, guests will enjoy luxurious rooms, spa treatments, gourmet meals, and workshops amid peaceful, green, and breathtaking vistas.

The final night of the conference will have an unforgettable concept party!

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Delegation to Microsoft’s offices in Seattle

Delegation to Microsoft’s offices in Seattle

20 representatives of leading high-tech companies, clients of Direct Software, visited Microsoft’s offices in Seattle this year for three days of lectures and fascinating meeting with company executives responsible for cloud solutions.

The trip was enjoyable, instructive, and enriching, providing a rare opportunity to learn about state-of-the-art systems and solutions from the best experts and technologists.


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