Focused on licensing, thinking high-tech

Direct Software provides software licensing consultancy, management and optimization services for hundreds of top high-tech companies and Startups in Israel. The company is the largest Microsoft license partner for the high-tech industry in Israel  and cooperates with all leading software producers, authorized to license the latest and most innovative software programs.

Direct Software’s international team of licensing experts specialize in the diagnosis, building and upgrading of licensing systems, providing consultancy,  management services and representing clients vis-à-vis software producers. The company offers its clients a range of comprehensive plans, which include substantial benefits. The extensive knowledge and experience of the company’s people are expressed in the choice of the most suitable and cost-effective licensing plans, resulting in optimal use of the technologies, streamlined work processes and substantial savings.

Main services

  • Analysis and optimization – choosing the most suitable and cost-effective licensing plans
  • Rapid and efficient consultancy, support, and assistance to solve support problems vis-à-vis software producers
  • Continuous consultancy and management services to guarantee that licensing systems are up-to-date in accordance with changes at the company and/or software market

Special programs for high-tech

  • Microsoft High-Tech – joint exclusive and extensive benefits plan with Microsoft.
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  • Cloud licensing packages – include a series of exclusive substantial benefits.
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  • Microsoft BizSpark – a cloud licensing program customized for Startups.
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  • ISV Royalty – a software licensing program customized for the needs of software companies.
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Key advantages

  • Expertise, focus and extensive experience in licensing software for high-tech companies = substantial savings in time and money
  • Exclusive licensing plans = a range of substantial benefits
  • Close cooperation with leading software producers = attentive service and fast and efficient problem solving
  • Enhanced compliance and reduced risk auditing