Direct Software is Israel’s high-tech industry largest licensing company.

The company was founded in 1997 and since then provides software licensing consultancy, management, and optimization services for hundreds of leading high-tech companies and startups in Israel.

The services that Direct Software provides its clients are based on the following advantages:

Focus and expertise

Direct Software focuses solely on software licensing for high tech, which guarantees you the maximum professionalism in choosing the optimal licensing solution for your company.


Direct Software is Microsoft’s largest, best known, and senior licensing partner for high-tech in Israel, which guarantees you preferential conditions and optimal representation.


Direct Software provides its services to the largest high-tech family of clients in Israel, which guarantees you the most optimal terms in choosing a licensing agreement.

Exclusive plans

Direct Software offers exclusive benefits and unique licensing plans for high-tech companies, including technical training, implementation hours, and participation in professional courses, conferences, and delegations overseas.


Direct Software won numerous awards and titles from Microsoft Corporation, including Winning the title Licensing Partner of the Year, and Award for Innovation, which was presented by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Microsoft customer  surveys show that Direct Software’s clients are the most satisfied.


Direct Software offers the most innovative and attractive licensing packages, which are tailored maid to your needs by the top licensing experts.